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Group Project:

To me, we just started naming possibilities out loud and what we could possibly do for the those possibilities. In the end we decided to go with the one we thought we could do the most for/ have the most fun with.
The role of the individual in creating and sustaining change is to be conscious of their opinions and to push to get them heard. Whether it's voting, protesting or attending a neighborhood committee meeting, I think an individual should get their ideas out there the best way they can to cause change and remind people why the change was made to sustain it.
I didn't know what the electoral process as before so I now know what it is and I understand what it is. I think I now know of ways the US is definitely a democracy and how certain laws and things can prohibit certain groups making sort of betray its democracy.
I believe we decided to make it simple, yet entertaining (with Kamilah's song). So we basically had something that could catch the eye with the simple logo and then had something that could hold the attention of the people with the song.