​Yo vengo de una ciudad.
historia, arte, y música
Mi corazón vive en ese ciudad.
Mi alma pertenece aquí.

I wanted my refrain to give an overall idea of where I'm from and how I felt living/being from there. So, I basically wanted to just write a few short lines that gives the general idea of where I'm from and make the verses go into the detail.
I like that I started using a type of figurative language. I usually find it easy to write poetry, but thinking about writing a song usually makes me think of how hard it can be to incorporate poetry into music, so I'm just glad that I just delve into writing the refrain and didn't really think about the fact it was going to be a song.
I would like to make it longer and maybe make it a little more poetic. I think it may be too short and that there's so much more I could possibly do with it.
I found it hard to make a rhyme scheme or make a certain flow, I feel like it needs more a flow or something that will make it seem more like a song than one of my freestyle poems.