Stitch has a glitch

For our final English project Lilly, Vilma, and I chose to recreate Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a glitch. We chose to do Stitch has a glitch because we wanted to take a child movie and turn it into something scary so they can see that their is a deeper meaning. The original movie goes for a more loving, caring, and gives a very valuable life lesson. The life lesson that we learn about is to not take anything for granted and to appreciate what we have because not everyone has the same thing we have.

In the first part of the trailer we decided to use the first time stitch started to glitch, because it shows that something is going to go wrong. Then we go into the scene where Jumba ( Stitches creator) is in the final stages of creating him. Jumba is sent away to a prison for illegal genetic testing, so he does not have enough time to let Stitches’ molecules form fully. Those two scenes are important to this trailer because it gives background information on why Stitch is now glitching. Stitch is now aware of the fact that he is glitching so he starts to act out. While he is acting out it is clear that Lilo is also being affected by his actions. We included the scene where Stitch glitches at the hula competition and hit Lilo. Throughout the glitches Lilo has been there for Stitch even though he is jeopardizing their friendship.  

As we got towards the ending of movie we made it so it ends with Lilo holding stitch in her hands crying as he is no longer breathing. This shows that Lilo really cared for Stitch and did not want their friendship to come to an end, but even the good things must come to an end. We created  this strong ending we wanted it to show that every story does not have a happy ending. We feel like showing that in a kids movie is better because the sooner they know that everything does not always end good it is better so they are more prepared for the real world. As kids we were always taught that everything has a happy ending or good thing always last. No one was there to tell us the truth until “we are old enough to know” so we had to wait and be surprised by it to randomly happen and not be prepared for how to respond to it. With this it gives them a sneak peek of what can happen and how one might respond to it. Kids should start taking things more seriously even though they are young they should see things for how they really are and learn how to accept them and that in the end everything is going to be okay, life will go on. I guess you can say we are trying to mature them at a young age but the sooner they know the better and the more prepared they will be.