Stop asking for Gum

[when shown, he is sitting] 
I remember I was waiting for someone to come get me, I wanted to be with whoever takes me. I was new with all my pieces together, and I wanted to give them to whoever takes me, and live a short but happy life. 
After 2 weeks of just sitting there, I was finally able to see someone looking around. He saw me and picked me up, I was so happy! After he had me scanned and gave the man at the counter a handful of metal discs, he ripped the plastic off and took a piece of me. I was happy to have finally found someone that enjoys me. He went to a building with a lot of chairs, desks, boards, and people. I didn’t know why, but I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen. About 3 hours had passed, and he still haven’t take another piece from me. He sat down on a chair near a table and began eating his lunch. He was talking to his friends while I was in his book-bag waiting for a piece to be taken by him. And after he ate, he finally pulled me out! I was so happy that I was able to be with him again, but his friends started asking him for pieces of me. 
He gave most of my pieces away. Now I’m here, with only 1 piece left, and I’m starting to feel empty. I was bought to be given to only him, and he gave me away to people that weren’t even there when he took me. I wondered why I was here, why I was created. I knew I was created in a factory, to be wrapped in plastic and sent away to some building so someone could take me and eat my pieces, but I was looking forward to being taken by 1 person and that 1 person only. And yet here I am, 1 piece left, and my owner only had 1 piece of me. I don’t know what to do, I was completely shocked, he gave me away to others, and people keep asking him for more. I was just scared, I just wanted to spend time with him, yet I was given away. Life is life, I’ll just let things happen, and I’ll just hope that in my next life, I’ll be able to be given to someone that will actually take all my pieces. 
All I really wanted is to be bought and eaten by whoever bought me, not to be bought and have my pieces all given away. I thought that he’d be the one that I’d be with for the rest of my short life. Let's just hope there will be a day that I can actually spend my life with a person that will be able to chew on my pieces. I just wish that people would just stop asking other people for pieces of others like me… [Fades to black]

Comments (3)

Xavier Gavin (Student 2018)
Xavier Gavin
  1. I'm not a pack of gum, but I can relate to not wanting to give out any gum when I have some, even though I'm victim to asking others for some.
  2. The idea of making the character an object like a pack of gum is something I would've never thought of. Good work.
Gabriel Copeland (Student 2018)
Gabriel Copeland

Now I don't relate with the character that much as some of the emotions and feelings are too distant from me, but nonetheless you managed to create a beautiful character. When I realized the speaker was a piece of gum was something I can't forget. At first I thought it was a person who gave away his/her gum but then it all made sense, great job!

James Thomas (Student 2018)
James Thomas
  1. The character was gum. Literally, pieces of gum. I thought that this was a creative take on people wanting someone's gum. While I didn't really relate to the character, because I'm not gum, I could relate to it's situation.
  2. I will remember the concept of this piece for sure. It was extremely creative.