Stop Funding Abortions:
          Legislatures Decision
  • In United States politics, the Hyde Amendment is a legislative provision  that bars the use of federal dollars to fund abortions
  • The  Hyde Amendment is only pertinent to 32 states
  • There are 17 states that do not follow the federal standard
  • Th legislature is not currently working to enforce the Hyde Amendment across the entire country

Abortion: Out of Control

The Hill:

Boehner to press bill to enforceObama’s order on abortion funding”

According to The Hill,  John Boehner, a House Minority Leader, is fighting to encourage Democratic leaders to vote on a bill to bar all federal funding of abortions.
Boehner wishes to “codify the Hyde Amendment so that it applies to all federal funding.”
He, along with other abortion opponents, oppose the health care reform
The National Right to Life Convention (NRLC) named him “Legislature of 2010”
Because of his efforts in the anti-abortion fight, he was appointed the Henry Hyde Award.
John Boehner, already apart of the government,  can help restrict federal funding of abortions nationwide.



  • Pro-life abortion activists are key components in the movement to restrict federal funding of abortion across the America.

  • Anti-abortion picketing and rallies are beneficial in the movement to bar abortion funding.

According to the Family Research Council,
The graph above shows the increasing number of Planned
Parenthood abortions from years 1973-2006. The graph
continues to increase as abortions become more and more
popular in the United States. Why? Because the government
continues to waste federal dollars to abort fetuses. This is not
a sensible way to spend federal dollars, taking into
account the shape our economy is in.

  • The Health Care Reform has been debated and discussed over the years.
  • The Hyde Amendment has been debated, altered and fought to keep in effect for decades.
  • There is no set deadline for my lobbying topic.