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While growing up I have heard many stories about people of all different ages being abducted for reasons such as personal entertainment, money, custody disagreements, and other things that you would never think of. Almost everyday I  watch the news and it is so mind blowing when you hear about the things that are going on today in the world. However when I watch the news there will always be that one thing that catches my attention the most and that is when they talk about the amber alerts. A lot of the younger people are not educated enough about the different scenarios that can be used to lure people into the danger of a strangers arms. I have always been interested in this topic because I have always wondered how anybody could take away another human being knowing that, that person has somebody that loves them and cares for them. How could anybody do something for their personal gain while knowing that it is hurting somebody else. By taking on this project I want to try to show people what kind of approaches could be used and I also want to inform people on what could be done to help yourself and others when a possible abduction could take place. If you keep up with my blog posts you can learn ways to protect yourself and others by. Together we can decrease the amount of people that get abducted a year..

Image #1Pie chart showing Non-Family Child Abductions by Age: 0-5 years, 7%; 6-11years, 12%; 12-14 years, 22%; and 15-17 years, 59%; and pie chart showing Non-Family Child Abductions by Gender: Male, 35%; Female, 65%.


Pie chart showing Identity of Perpetrator in Non-Family Abductions:  Friend, 17%;  Acquaintance, 21%; Neighbor, 5%; Authority Person, 6%; Caretaker or Babysitter, 4%; Stranger, 45%; Someone Else, 3%.

                                                                               Image #2

  • Image number one shows the statistics for the abductions by gender and age.

  • Image number two shows the statistics for the abductions by showing the percentages of who the perpetrator in non- family Abductions.

Approximately 4,600 children are abducted by strangers (non- family members ) each year in the United States. There are 300 long term abductions each year where children are murdered, never found, or returned back to their parents after months or even years later. Surviving an abduction can start a development of Social Anxiety, Eating Disorders, numerous hallucinations, and lots of other things. The 450,700 children that ran away from home did not think about the possibility of being picked up by a stranger. More than 758 kids have been saved from Amber Alerts in all 50 states.

If you ever see someone being abducted you want to try to be as helpful as possible without putting yourself in danger. To help out the police you could try to look for scars, tattoos, or even the logos that could be on the clothes of the abductor. Also if you the abductor came out of or is in a van or car try to take pictures the vehicle so that way the police can run it through the system. If you can get a picture of the vehicles license plate that would be even better.

Everyday innocent people are being ripped away from their families and are being held captive by a stranger or family member. We can help teach this generation of kids to learn how to protect themselves and others when in danger. After being abducted they life is cut short, they can not live their life anymore without fearing that someone is going to take away their happiness again. I hope to dive further into my topic so I can inform others about how to be aware of your surroundings and how to protect yourself. I can not wait to learn more about abduction and make a positive change.

This video is a video that test to see if these  young children were taught enough about what and not to do when being approached by strangers. This also shows that you should not give out your information just because your friends did. If you have a feeling that something is not right then stick with that.

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Elizabeth Burrows (Student 2018)
Elizabeth Burrows

Wow! I really like your topic, it is very unique and I find it extrememly interesting. I can't wait to see what you decide to do for your further project. I can't believe 4,600 children are abducted every year, that is crazy. I can't wait to see what kind of difference you are planning on making with abuctions. Looking forward to reading your next blog post! Nice job Aniya!