3 strengths- zoe zisser

3 Strengths Blog

BY Zoe Zisser

Regarding the “16 Personalities” test, my results concluded that I was a mediator type (INFP). There are 16 different kind of “types”. Each of these have both positive and negative strengths and weaknesses. Each of them are commonly very truthful to the person. The website decides your type by taking a quiz with questions that follow the track of mind of the person. Depending on the last question you answered, the next set of questions will be made for you. At the end they evaluate your answers and fit you into the certain personality type. My type, Mediator is apart of the diplomat grouping. According to my assessment I have a set of strengths and weaknesses that fit into my personality type.

Seek and Value Harmony

In my life I truly do value everybody and everything surrounding me. I strongly dislike discourse and negativity. I believe strongly in energies of different people. Very person and every place has their own kind of energy and it’s important to know what kind of energy can bring positive energy and what can bring negative energy. Negativity is something I as a human being really do not handle well, whether this may be in a social, mental, physical way, negativity is never a good thing to be apart of, and as a mediator personality type it’s very easy to avoid such and gravitate to good energy. I never like to be apart of something that opposes harmony between people. I feel like our lives and our time is too precious and limited to let things like that get in the way. I will always go looking for the harmonizing approach to make certain situations better. This is a very truthful strength to me as a person because the people and the things I do in my life are all very peaceful and subside in harmony, and if it isn’t I always go looking for ways and strategies to become more harmonizing. I’d never want to be above anyone, I feel we as humans are all equal and we should always remind ourselves of that.

Open Minded and Flexible

Being open minded and very flexible can translate to taking what comes and making the best out of it. Mediators take naturally at being very easy going and good for whatever life throws at us. Being able to adapt to circumstances is a very important strength to have because almost everything in life is random, hardly anything is always going to be a certain way forever, so it’s very beneficial to be able to compromise with new changes. This can apply to life a lot. Nothing in anyone’s life is going to be the same way forever, people and things are always changing and there’s no way any of it will stop, so it’s important to always have an open mind when it comes to change, and be ready to take things as they come. I am this way for everything I do, I find no reason to dwell on things I can’t change or understand, the point is always to adapt and move on and learn something from whatever life throws at you.

Passionate and Energetic

As a mediator it is common to be able to get very passionate about things that matter to me. When I care about something I care with my whole being. It’s always all in for everything I do, my head and heart are all thrown into everything I do. Having a lot of energy can relate to this as well. I am always present with energy and a good mindset for things I am devoted to. I feel when you care about something, it’s crucial to do such with every fiber of your being to never cheat yourself out of something you care deeply about. This brings many opportunities for when I find things I’m passionate about or very intrigued about, because I know once I find that thing it will open many doors I will be ecstatic to venture through.


These three strengths will influence my time in the CTE Digital Video Program at SLA because I feel like any project we are doing whether collaborative or not, I will feel inclined to being able to work with people in effort of a common goal and being able to learn from everyone in a positive setting. In digital video there’s a lot of collaborative aspects that could easily lead to tension and negativity, but optimistically I feel that it will be easy to keep the peace and keep an open mind in creative ways. When an opportunity for me to be able to get very passionate about a project arises, I know I will be able to give it my all and be driven to complete it to the best of my abilities. All of these strengths are very beneficial to not only SLA’s CTE program but very applicable to life in general.