3 Strengths - CTE Lab

When you join the workforce, the first thing you need to know before diving in is your strengths. Knowing your strength and yourself tells you what you can contribute to the job your are looking into. It’s important to recognize this so when you know the position and place best for you. Curiosity to Observation to Knowledge The most prominent strength I have is my curiosity as it drives almost everything I do and has helped me become a more well rounded person. Its that gut feeling to go out and experience things, strong enough to push me past my comfort zones at times. My curiosity is the backbone of many other strengths such as my imagination, causing my brain to be a playground of ideas. The curiosity keeps me thirsting for knowledge and forces me to observe the places and people around me. Problems become an opportunity to learn and keeping moving forward. It’s about having a growth mindset and to not allow myself to get stuck on one idea. Curiosity is what keeps the world and all of it’s issues interesting, rather than bringing me down. There is always the hope of possibility. Curiosity keeps the mind flexible. Ideas shift and knowledge is accumulated over time, leading to more creative ideas and quick thinking. Faking Confidence with Enthusiasm The more I observe, finding new connections and ideas, I find it harder to keep it to myself. To me, it’s such an enjoyable process. I’ve been told my enthusiasm is infectious because when I feel excited, I want to make sure others feel the same way. I know how to make people feel part of the group and when people feel connected, they are more likely to contribute to the goal we are striving for. People are a fantastic resources and connecting with them has never been an issue for me. They are all unique and full of new information and experience. Making friends and staying enthusiastic are both strengths that help me form strong connections and really helps during the work process. Enthusiasm is an important part of me because it encourages me to shake things up and engage in both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations in a natural way. It helps me appear to be a confident, but approachable person willing to work new and interesting things. Kindness Goes a Long Way None of these strengths would be very important is I was not kind. You can be charming, knowledgeable, driven, determined, courageous, or outspoken, bit it means nothing if you do not have a compassion for others. I value learning and curiosity, but it is also just as important for me to respect others and be understanding of their values. Kindness is not about what you do for your closest friends, but for the person whose name you have yet to learn. Without kindness or compassion, you cannot be conscious. Those who do not have this are not aware of their communities or peers. Kindness is what keeps the relationships you build stay together and be aware of the things they need or what would help. These traits together are what push me to become not just a better person for myself, but a better one for my community. My curiosity keeps me growing in knowledge. My enthusiasm keeps me growing with people. My compassion keeps my soul going. They all combine to a filmmaker whose primary goal is to experiment and thrive.