Striving For Improvement: The Advocate


Hello! My name is Peter Keo, and welcome to my blog, where I discuss the 3 strengths that define who I am. Throughout my life, I often don’t notice my own strengths until I take a more closer look with my identity, and there I can see who I truly am. My personality type is the INFJ, which stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. INFJ’s make up for less than one percent of the population, so I guess you could say I’m one of a kind!

What Each Letter Means For Me

  • Introversion - the opposite of extroversion, the feeling of being an introvert. I usually like to be a lone wolf in activities, and I often almost often go for the solo choice if given the choice between working alone or working with a partner. I don’t mind social activities, but I often tired quickly from it and break away after a short period of time.

  • Intuition - Imaginative, Open-Minded and Curious. I definitely would agree that I hold all of these things in my head. I never thought I would thought myself to be the one to be imaginative, but looking back I do often daydream a lot in class, thinking about what-if scenarios and the future a lot.

  • Feeling - I make decisions based off values and principles and I usually use my heart more than my head. Sometimes, this is not the right decision for people, but its the best decision for me. I gauge the temperature of the situation based on people’s feelings and what is the best decision in the heat of the moment.

  • Judging - One of the traits that determine how we view the external world, and how we do things on a daily-by-daily basis life. People with the Judging trait enjoy being organized and having to work in an environment that is orderly and established. For me, I find this to be the most true. I cannot work without a clean workspace or an organized structured assignment that allows me to follow along easily.

Strength #1 - Astonishing Altruism

My first strength is altruism. As the “Advocate”, I find that altruism easily fits into one of my three strengths. I go out of my way to help others for their well being, but I find this a bit contradicting in a way. Since INFJs are also Introverted, I wouldn’t think that altruism would be a trait for them but the more I think about it, the more that makes sense because when helping others as an introvert, I tend to put a part of myself too in helping so I can make the right moral decisions not only for me, but for the person that I’m supporting. Using this strength for good, I try to advance an idea that is better for the world instead of trying to put forth an idea that would only benefit me. Altruism is not something seen a lot anymore, especially in today’s society and I would want to change that, but with prevalent bias and politics nowadays, it is generally considered a scarcity in people nowadays. Luckily, I have tons of altruism in me, and while I’ve never noticed it before, I’ve remembered countless acts of kindness I’ve committed over my life which goes to show that I am not forcing myself to be kind, it just comes naturally.

Strength #2 - Crafty Communication

Communication would be my second strength. I can never live without communication, whether its on group projects or just having a definite way to spread my information around. I am very good at communicating, as I try to listen to both sides and offering insight on what we should do or not. Over email and text is a big plus for me, as I try to respond ASAP and I would not turn down any question, big or small, smart or stupid. Communication is hard for INFJs because they tire from social commuting, and I’m no exception to that, but I’m always available on call to answer a question no matter if I’m tired or not. If I am unable to not procure an answer for you, I’ll make it my first priority whenever I do similar things.

Strength #3 - Intuitive Insightfulness

The final strength that I would say is probably insightfulness. Insight is when you have a strong capability of seeing through dishonesty and disingenuous motives. This ties hand in hand with communication as if you are being dishonest and disingenuous, I will sever ties with you or communicate to you with why you are acting this way. I also see insight as a way to offer your take and POV of the situation in order to bring up a given situation. Insight is a great skill to have for anyone, as it will help immensely in the real world when it comes to business practices and the working environment. I just see Insight as one of my greatest skills that will surely help me down the line in the future.


    These are my three strengths: Insight, Communication, and Altruism. Each and every single one of these skills will be a valuable asset down the road, in the working environment. Being a doctor is my dream job, and altruism is an important core factor that defines what kind of doctor you are which is similar to the CTE DigVid program for being altruistic will allow me to offer feedback and guide people towards a more successful experience. Communication is important in the medical field, and the same can be said about my time in the DigVid program. I must have pinpoint communication during film production in order to ensure the highest quality film that we can make possible. Finally, insight is a valuable skill in not only DigVid, but in any type of study or program that you can participate in. Insight allows you to be more understanding of others and it allows you to have a broader perspective of the big picture, which allows you to come up with solutions that you would have not thought of before.