Science- 800,00 strokes occur each year, there is a new stroke happening every 40 secs. Strokes occur in women more than they do in men. Strokes occur when there is a blood clot, so therefore there is no longer any blood flow going to your brain. This means that there is no longer any oxygen that is allowed into your brain. This kills some of your brain cells. Stroke patients are usually immoible or paralyzed after having a stroke. Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the US. You can tell if someone is having a stroke if their face is droopy on one side, if their speech is not comprehendible, if they look sick, look weak and etc. 
Society- Today there are some things that are accessible for people who are disabled. Many people who had strokes are disabled so they will need to have easy access to things. I think that maybe we could make some things in public places more accessible. 
Self- To prevent yourself or someone you know from having a stroke, you should be sure to have a healthy diet so that you will not have any blood clots that will cause you to have a stroke. Also, since you know some of the symptoms, maybe if you see someone having a stroke you can recognize it and get them the help that they need.