Suffering From Economic Crisis

Since the economy has gone bad " The percentage of poor people has reached a 32- year high, millions of working Americans are falling closer to poverty life and the gulf between the nation's "Haves" And "Have-nots" continues to widen " according to the Common Dreams. This means that more and more people are losing there jobs because the place that they are working at does not have the money worthy enough to paying them what they need. Due to this bad news this means that since people are losing there jobs , they also might lose there homes because of the money they don't have to pay rent or bills. If this case happens so that means that there will be more poverty in the U.S. According to McClatchy Newspaper analysis of 2005 senses figure, found that nearly 16 million Americans are living in deep poverty or severe poverty. This and many more things have helped 43% of people in the U.S to fall into poverty the highest rate since at least 1975.

From what we can tell this man maybe had a home with children and then the economy got bad and it came to a point where he lost his home and had to live into poverty and is now one of the million people that don't have a home and have to sit on the corners and ask for money.