suicide awareness in teens and adults

Did you know that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death overall, in people ages 10-24 it is the second leading cause of death. My goal in doing this is to bring light to a subject that a lot of people don’t like to talk about and generally push it under the rug. However, pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away and will most likely make the problem worse. This topic is important to me because it is a very close and personal topic for me to talk about.

My friend has recently tried to commit suicide and I’ve battled with the thought of it for years because of my anxiety and PTSD. It’s hard to go through that problem and it’s even harder when people just tell you to stop feeling that way or pretending that it’s not happening.  Even my own family have done this, it is not an uncommon reaction. This is a significant problem because more people than you think have tried to commit suicide. It is an important topic to talk about because a lot of people give off warning signs to other people that go unnoticed. This is either because people ignore it or simply don’t pick up on the hints that the person is giving.

Around 8 out of 10 people will give off signs that they are planning on committing suicide.If we learn what the warning signs are and how to help, we can lower some of the 40,00 suicide cases per year. One warning sign that a person might be planning to kill themselves is the person will not talk about their future a lot. They will be very vague if asked and won’t go into much detail. Also, the people will usually talk about how feeling trapped and feeling as if there is no way out, stop talking with family and friends, and might also change their eating or sleeping habits. They have felt what it has been like ot be at the lowest of lows and they often don’t know how to get out of their situation.,review-2397.html,review-2397.html

My research has validated a lot of things that I have felt throughout this time and have been able to put it into words. People who are suicidal could be around so many people but still feel so alone.  Family conflict, relationships, grades, sexual identity, and the loss of important people can seem impossible to deal with. Many people just feel alone and need a shoulder to lean on for a little bit.  I want to research further into what causes these feelings and why certain people have them. For example, two people in the exact same traumatic event could react significantly differently and I want to figure out why that is. In conclusion, suicide is a terrible issue in which we have to learn more about t be able to fix. If we shy away from a problem like this, It will only make it harder to find a solution.

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Zoe Kwasnicki (Student 2021)
Zoe Kwasnicki

Maybe you could start a social media awareness campaign for suicide? I know there are already quite a few but the issue is so great adding one more, very powerful, awareness campaign into the mix could really help with preventing the issue. Because of your personal relationship to the issue that will likely provide a more relatable base for those who are currently struggling with thoughts of suicide and could create more of an impact.