[sits cross-legged on a chair, then speaks as if answering someone]

What’s my name? My name is Sal-ba-tor-a Rivers and I am four and three quarters! I’m prac-ly five. And I said it slow ‘cause did you know that sometimes everybody messes my name? Sometimes not even my bestest friends. My big sister says my name means saver, which is when Superman saves the girl off of a [counting on her fingers] cliff, or a spaceship, or a building. He’ll fly around and save her right up! I’m not Superman. But guess what? Guess what, guess what, guess what? My sister is! I read a lot of big books and can say a lot of big words also, but my sister is way way bigger and she knows [holds arms out] everything!

[as if answering someone] What did you say? Yeah, she’s very very really very strong! I just told you she’s Superman! Even though her name doesn’t mean saver. Her name is Anna and that just means Anna, which can be kind of boring. But she is more of Superman that me! She is strong and cool and she is sooooooo pop-ler in her up school! [suddenly scared, she looks around her quickly] Please don’t tell her I said that, please and thank you! She thinks I don’t like her too much, but [whispers], she’s awesome. She is 17 and one quarter, which is really really big. I can’t even count that yet!

[as if answering someone] Yeah, she’s pop-ler! Why did you say was? I see her all the time on field trips to her up school from my daycare, and she’s as famous as Superman! Everyone pointed and whispered at her, which means that she’s famous, right? That’s what that means, right? They were prob-ly all talking about how cool she is! But sometimes she comes home from her up school with purple on her face.

[as if answering someone] Yes, yes, yes, sometimes she’s real sad. She can cry like babies do sometimes, like a lot sometimes. Especially when she looks in the mirror. And she looks in the mirror a lot. And she says her friends were mean, but that doesn’t make any sense! She’s a million bajillion kajillion hundred times than everyone else ever in the whole world! No one can be mean to her! No one can be mean to Superman! Superman will just make them into dust!

[as if answering someone] Yeah, I know where she is! Do you wanna see her? Oh, okay. Well, I know she got a new bed. It’s all black, like a big black box with a lid, too!  I was with Mom and Daddy when they picked it out. She must be really super happy about it, because now she sleeps all the time. I try to bring her cookies, because I want her to wake up, but Mom says she can’t eat. I get it, though. Even Superman needs sleep! I’m smarter than everyone thinks, I know when people are too tired they need some cookies! Mom doesn’t like Anna sleeping, she’s sad about it, but I know she’ll be up any second or minute! Because when the bad guys get Superman, he always gets back up! And Mom says that some people at school made Anna feel all bad so she decided to not get back up again. But Superman always gets back up! I don’t know why everyone’s so quiet! I know she’ll be here any second! I don’t why you’re asking me all these questions about her! What’s the big deal?

She’s never been asleep this long, but it’s okay. She should be up really soon. Then you can ask her the questions yourself.

You guys would like her. She’s just like Superman!

Comments (5)

Ali Driggers (Student 2017)
Ali Driggers

I like how you made this interview-style. Really cool. And I like how you really make sure you sound like a toddler. That is very cool. I like the monologue.

Imani Weeks (Student 2017)
Imani Weeks

As the little kid talked more and more, you start to see more of the situation that his sister was in. Its cool that you wrote it in his POV because he doesn't know as much so it takes us a bit longer find out what the real situation was. Its a really touching monologue

Chiara Nemati (Student 2017)
Chiara Nemati

This was a really touching monologue. You wrote in a way that reveals something new in every paragraph. Emotions are also always constantly changing for the reader. I loved it and thought it was great. You are able to address an issue with a character who cannot understand the situation. Good Job!

Chhievling Seng (Student 2017)
Chhievling Seng

I really enjoyed reading this! At first I smiled, because the little boy really sounds like a little boy. The little boy is very open about things, which made it more cute in a way.I was surprise towards the end. I actually figured out his sister was getting bullied, but to him she's like superman, and is so popular. I like how the real situation to the little kid is more of a positive thing, then what the situation is. Really liked that twist.

Ella Donesky (Student 2017)
Ella Donesky

I really liked your monologue. It was very sweet and touching, but also dealt with a very tragic issue through an interesting, and even more tragic point of view. Very creative. I personally don't have a sibling, so it was interesting to read about that dynamic.