Support SLAMedia -- Get a Magazine Subscription!

To all members of the SLA community:

SLAMedia -- the school's student journalism group -- is thrilled to present the first issue of their print magazine! 

The website version of SLAMedia has existed for a long time, but students this year decided to branch out into print media as well. This edition includes reporting and photography on both local and global events. Read the latest student editorial, and check out the photo spread profiling SLA's Muslim community. Don't miss the quiz on the inside back cover!

The entire process of putting the magazine together was a real joy, but to keep it going we need your support. A $20 donation will help sustain the printing into next year and beyond. As a thank you, we'll send you every issue we put out next year, either mailed directly to your home or delivered via your child who attends the school. We hope to put out three issues in the next school year... of course, more donations means more funding for publication! And the first 25 people who donate this year will get a copy of our inaugural issue as well, being distributed around school this wee.

Use the Paypal link below to donate today, and we'll be in touch about which delivery method would be best. Make sure to include your email address when you donate!