Support The Freeman! - Justin Mack

Artist Statement:​
African Americans can have a better effect in their lives as well as the era they were living in. When the African Americans have been given 40 acres and a mule, they were able to grow crops. They had soon made a system called the Sharecropping system. It allowed the African Americans to rent some more plot in exchanged for some crops that they grew for the landowners. This has helped the African Americans as well as the landowners. What else may not be clear was the education they were getting and how this relates. If the African Americans were making enough money, they would be able to support themselves and their kids with education. In Georgia, they demanded education once they became free and it shows dedication on how much they want to learn. This means something to our learning of African American history as a whole because it is showing some ways on how African Americans were able to get an education and their start of learning. It also shows how some Africans have started their lives as a free man or woman by the 40 acres and a mule. Also, most people learn the segregation of black kids going to school but not how they were even able to get to a school. In my flyer, it shows about one place on how they demanded for education for themselves and their kids as well.

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Isaiah Cuffey (Student 2018)
Isaiah Cuffey

I like the description in your artist statement and how you clarified the messages of your flyer. The flyer is appealing and descriptive with the titles, subtitles, and pictures.