Symone's Q3 Geometry BM Reflection

This project relates to the real world because people do this everyday. For example, regular people like the owners of the home do things like meausre dimensions of their doors and windows to figure out ways to improve their home. Someone may want to replace wooden doors with fiber glass or vice versa and they'll need measurements in order to do that. Also, there are people who do that as a profession. There are people how have more efficient ways of measuring a building, but they probably do take estimations using methods we did for the benchmark. 
To me, the most exciting part of the project was doing the manual mirror method. I like figuring things out using ratio and proportions. It was also fun going outside and doing the actual measurements to figure out what the answers were rather than having measurements handed to us. I find it exciting to work on problems on my own and being able to figure if it makes sense or not even though it causes a little bit of aggrivation. It was also exciting working in my group because everybody was doing their parts of the project. 
What I learned from this project is how difficult t is to get exact measurements for buildings. My class only did an estimation, but it just goes to show how hard it would be manually measuring for exact measurements of buildings. Imagine measuring buildings even bigger than what we measured! What I also learned was how to be efficient with my time. In order to do this project, you'd have to have calculations already done in order to move on to the next task and be able to start figuring out how you'll explain your process.