Symone McCollum's Capstone


This video delves into the history of Black women and how the past contributes to the psychosis that impedes on the value of black female life. With background knowledge from Zora Neale Hurston, Belle Hooks  and Ella Baker, this video is an analytic view of  problems that makes strides towards brainstorming solutions.

Why does Black Lives Matter not mean Black women and trans folk? Why are women at the forefront of freedom-fighting whereas their deaths rarely make national or local news? How can we change this cycle? We can address it, and promote active-agency for young women of their bodies and political personas.

Black women face many, many obstacles and challenges in career, family, and community life. Without a self affirmative attitude, we’d all be dead in the water… the odds are too firmly stacked against us. But, with a sense of self and a graduated sense of self as we progress in life as well as a community of like minded women and men we are unstoppable. Just by being apart of this video and speaking to these educators and students about what WE feel matter just further proves that we are unstoppable.

This video is to boost to the SLA community that we are unstoppable and to be unapologetic for anyone who feels uncomfortable with any ideas and arguments brought up in this video.

*Note* Screenshot below is to prove that Ive been recording videos vs posting all of the individual interviews on SLATE. The final video will be played on presentation day!