Symone McCollum "Touch the sky" by Kanye West: Music & Culture assignment

I’ve been looking up to Kanye West for the longest. He’s so inspirational, and sparks so much controversy. This song illustrates who Kanye West is. He does what he wants, says what he wants, and doesn’t care about the consequences. His drive to say what he wants and get his point across “moves” me, along with his catchy lyrics and deeper meanings to his songs.

Kanye is known to be “the asshole” because he speaks his mind. Some of the things he says people don’t agree with. That’s just how it is. There is no one out there who will have every single person relate to what they’re saying, or even support what they’re saying, and that’s perfectly fine for Kanye in his situation. He has experienced pain and judgment from other people because of it, and apologized when he took it too far, but he never goes back on his word. That’s someone to look up to. Someone who can rap about sex and money, but also have records about diamonds in Sierra Leone, songs about Jesus, and songs that displays how great mothers are. He’s reached out to different genres, sometimes it could be about happiness, sometimes it could be about pain.

The song “Touch the sky” represents the outspoken culture I’m apart of. I’m part of the people who voice their opinion, and isn’t afraid to go against the crowd. I’ll challenge people’s ideas and I won’t just go with something everyone else is doing unless I find it right to me. It also represents the culture of people who have a hopeful future and have something to look forward to. In the song he describes his journey to where he is now, and is a person to look up to. 

Kanye West - Touch the Sky