"Taking advantage of innocence will backfire"

This sculpture is an extended section of my Macbeth essay and the second part of my English benchmark. This sculpture shows Macbeth's character change, stemming from his wife, and also Lady Macbeth's downfall. 
​In this sculpture, the hearts represent Macbeth and the hands holding the hearts on each side represent Lady Macbeth. The hands are holding the hearts as a sign of control. The heart starts out as red, which show he was humble, kind, and felt things such as guilt just as any human would. It shows his innocence. The heart gradually gets white, which shows that he became neutral. he wasn't necessarily innocent anymore, but he was far from evil. His heart eventually gets black, showing that he became pure evil and out of control. On the left side, which represents the beginning of the story, Lady Macbeth's hand is black to show that she was pure evil, but as it gets to the end of the story, her hand becomes white and red. The white shows that obviously she is far from innocent, but she is no longer the evil one, and the red represents her own blood after she killed herself. There is a quote on each of the hearts that best represents that character at that point in the story. 

My process of building this sculpture was one of which where I needed to be extremely patient. I first had to sculpt everything with the clay and wait for it to completely dry before I could paint. I then needed to wait for the paint to completely dry before I could glue any of the quotes on. 

One of my biggest difficulties was just being able to finish in time because I wasn't planning on the clay taking as long as it did to dry, which kind of made me have to speed up the rest of my process. To overcome this I just did different things to speed up the drying process of the clay. I had it constantly in front of a fan and also left it near an open window over night so that it could completely dry. 

I am most proud of how this project really shows the character changes in the characters. I think I made a lot of wise choices when it came to color and placement of things to show the development of each character. 

If I had the chance, I would just start the sculpting a little earlier considering it took so long for the clay to dry. Other than that I am extremely happy with the outcome of my project.

From my colleagues, I learned how to think about the story of Macbeth a lot deeper. There were even new things that I learned about the story after hearing how deep some of my classmates thought about their quotes. 

After finishing this project, I learned that I knew a lot more about Macbeth than I thought I did. I am much more confident when reading Shakespeare now because this project really taught me how to analyze and look deeper into quotes.