Tale of Two Tribes: The Podcast (Ep. 2)

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Tale of Two Tribes: The Podcast “Episode Two”

CoHosts: Jakob Cantor, Ami Doumbia, Londyn Edwards, Justine Koffi, Maysa Wright

In Episode Two of “Tale of Two Tribes”, Jakob, Ami, Londyn, Justine, and Maysa discuss their second reading of the novel Homegoing by Ghanian-American author Yaa Gyasi. This time, the five cohosts talk literary lenses (Marxist, Feminist, and New Historical) and what they mean to the overall understanding and plot of the story.

Run Time:

Text to Text Connection:

-4:10: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (1985, later adapted into tv series of the same namesake in 2017), is a book that takes place in the Republic of Gilead where main character Offred serves as a handmaid whose only job is to bear a child for the Commander and his wife. (To read more, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Handmaid%27s_Tale)

Book References:

-4:48: Chapter James, pg 101

-5:11: Chapter H, pg 157-158

-7:26: Chapter Kojo, pg 120

-12:25: Chapter Kojo, pg 131

-13:47: Chapter H, pg 167

-18:25: Chapter Kojo, pg 124