Tale of Two Tribes: The Podcast (Ep 3)

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Tale of Two Tribes Podcast Logo

Tale of Two Tribes: The Podcast “Episode Three”

CoHosts: Jakob Cantor, Ami Doumbia, Londyn Edwards, Justine Koffi, Maysa Wright

In Episode Three of “Tale of Two Tribes”, Jakob, Ami, Londyn, Justine, and Maysa discuss their third and final reading of the novel Homegoing by Ghanian-American author Yaa Gyasi. The five cohosts talk about their thoughts and feelings towards the book, how the author wrote in the themes they wanted readers to grasp, and who they would recommend this book to and why.

Run Time: 28:47

Text to Text Connection:

-18:05: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, published in 2018, follows the ups and downs of two people in a marriage. Through jail time, mixed up feelings, and unspoken words, the pair struggle to remain connected while being so far apart ad when they do finally reconnect, the spark is gone. (To read more, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_American_Marriage)

Book References:

-10:34: Chapter Marcus, pg 293, “Not the being lost, but the being found. It was the same feeling he got whenever he saw Marjorie.”

-12:10: Chapter Marcus, pg 289-290

-13:10: Chapter Marcus, pg 290

-14:06: Chapter Marcus, pg 284, “Marcus didn’t care for water,”

-14:33: Chapter Marjorie, pg 268, “I put you in here so that if your spirit ever wandered, you would know where home was.”