Tale of Two Tribes: The Podcast - Episode 1

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Tale of Two Tribes: The Podcast “Episode One”

CoHosts: Jakob Cantor, Ami Doumbia, Londyn Edwards, Justine Koffi, Maysa Wright

In Episode One of “Tale of Two Tribes”, Jakob, Ami, Londyn, Justine, and Maysa discuss their introductory reading of the novel Homegoing by Ghanian-American author Yaa Gyasi. From familial relationships to the definition of what love is, these five classmates take time to analyze the themes present in the book and what they mean for what’s to come next in the story.

Run Time: 22:31

Book References:

-8:06 : pg 68, Chapter “Quey”, “You were in England too long, Quey. Maybe you have forgotten that here, mothers, sisters, and their sons are most important.”

-18:53 : pg 72, Chapter “Ness”, “While there may have been a piece of paper declaring that seh belonged to Tom Allan Stockham, there was no such paper shackling her to the whims of her fellow slaves.”