Taming of the Clueless

Comparing "The Taming of the Shrew" to "Clueless"

In the book “The Taming of The Shrew” and the movie "Clueless" it show how certain connections represent power in relationships. In the movie, Cher gets upset when she can never get someone to like her, and when she finally thinks she did he turned out to be the opposite of what she thought he was. Later on, Josh chose to mess around with Cher making her annoyed of his existence. As well as Petruchio who tells Katherine to do things even when she doesn’t want to. In the book, Petruchio’s goal was to win Katherine’s love and to get her to do the things he asked for her to do. In the movie, Josh’s goal was to win Cher’s love and make her realize this whole time he was in love with her.   

“Why came I hither but to that intent?

Think you a little din can daunt mine ears?

Have I not in my time heard lions roar?

Have I not heard the sea, puffed up with winds,

Rage like an angry boar chafed with sweat?

Have I not heard great ordnance in the field

And heaven's artillery thunder in the skies?

Have I not in a pitchèd battle heard

Loud 'larums, neighing steeds, and trumpets clang?

And do you tell me of a woman's tongue,

That gives not half so great a blow to hear

As will a chestnut in a farmer's fire?

Tush, tush, fear boys with bugs!”


Petruchio is talking about his taming skills and how he would eventually get Katherine to listen to him and do what he say. As well as how to get her to fall in love with him. Just like what Josh did to Cher.

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During this scene Cher is asking Josh if he could do something for her, but he denies and ask why he should do what she ask. But she kept on begging him and eventually he gave in and did what she asked.

Nay, I will win my wager better yet,

And show more sign of her obedience,

Her new-built virtue and obedience.”


Petruchio won his bet, Katherine listened to him and did what she was taught to do. He won his earnings, as well as her love.

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At the end of the movie, we can see that Josh got what he wanted just like Petruchio got what he wanted. Cher finally realized that she was in love with Josh the whole time, as well as he was with her. He won her love and became happy with each other at the end. At the end of the play, Petruchio claimed he won Katherine's love and “tamed” her but we aren’t quite sure if they are happy to be with each other.

In conclusion, we can see that the movie "Clueless" and the book " The Taming of the Shrew" are similar when it comes to dating and relationships. Both the men were working there way into gaining the love of the women they wanted to be with. Petruchio did it to prove he can get Katherine to fall for him and to win the earnings he was promised, and Josh did it because he really was in love with Cher and wanted her to see it. Cher and Josh both loved each other as we are unsure if Petruchio and Katherine did.