Taming of the Shrew and Hitched for the Holidays

In my essay, I am writing about the comparisons that can be made between the book The Taming of the Shrew and the  movie Hitched for the holidays. In the movie there are two different families who don't know about each other but each family is pressuring someone from their family to find love.A guy from the one family and a girl from the other find each other, plot to fool their families and then during the plan end up fall in love with each other. In the book The Taming of the Shrew, there was a strong love drive in many of the characters but they used many complex plans and plots to get their desired outcomes even going as far as trading personalities. The main focus of the comparisons that I would like to make are about honesty and deception in relationships because this is a topic that happened through a majority of the play and movie with a true love shines bring at the end which is something again seen in both the movie and the book.

One reason why the play and the movie can  relate to each other is because in both the play and the majority of the dialogue showed  most of the characters plotting and planning in order to gain their family, friend, and or acquaintances to trick their families into thinking that they're both actually in love with one another. In the movie, a man by the name of Rob is being pressured by his family to get a girlfriend.  They want him to find love especially since it’s holiday season and this time of year is known for the romance and loving atmosphere. . There is a female character named Julie that is also experiencing the same situation in her family. It is key to remember that these character’s haven’t met or know each other yet. They meet online through an add,  that stated, tand thus they answer each others adds and thus they find each other. In this movie, they are each lying to their families and in Julie’s case her family and some of her friends about each other even having to fake religious beliefs just to get a believable story. In the play, although the motives were different the actions of lying were still the same. Lucentio and Tranio acted like people they were not to get the girl Lucentio  wanted. Lucentio switched places to get closer to Bianca without anyone knowing. Not even Bianca knew about the plots and planning.

In the movie Hitched for the Holidays there was a lot of pressure for a from Robs family for him to get married and find a relationship. Julie was going through the same thing from her family. Like in Taming of the Shrew there was a lot of pressure for Katherine to get married. There were a lot of men that wanted katherines little sister Bianca but no one wanted katherine herself because she was known for her bad and sour attitude. Their father even made it a rule that in order for Bianca to get married her older sister would have to get married first. Even thought that put more pressure on the men trying to get with Bianca that still put a lot of pressure on Katherine wich you could tell through her acts of aggression towards her younger sister Bianca when tying her up and hitting her.  

At the end of the book Rob and Julie after having a rough patch in their fake relationship ended up falling in love on New Year's night at the end of the movie. That is just like how in the end of the book Kathrine admitted to finding true love with Petruchio even after his rough “taming” process. Over the time of their relationship which wasn't exactly the definition of true love Katherine grew to love Petruchio