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Name: Taylor Ximines

Mentor Name: Ms. Martin

My capstone is about making my community aware about what Breast Cancer is, and I made a team for the 2014 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that was on Mother's Day. 

For my Capstone I wanted to do something that would actually be special to me. I did not want to do a project that wouldn't be meaningful to me. So I started to think about issues that affect me gender, culture, race, and age wise. And something that seemed to be a common factor among those were breast cancer. For me personally my family has been affected by the disease, and I know for millions of other people it has to. I wanted to make a difference in anyway that I could. So my initial plan was to recruit students to join the team that I would make to participate in the race that took place on Mother's Day. The process for this Capstone was one that was long and hard at times. Things did not always turn out like I wanted them to. It took a lot of  patience on my end to carry through with what I wanted my project to be. In the end I did make a team for SLA for the Race for the Cure and did the walk/run. I learned along the way that things to do not always happen like I want them to. That no matter what we always have to remember what the end goal for everything is. I hope that by me starting this somebody in  the years to come can do the Race for the Cure under the SLA team; as well as help to take steps toward finding the cure for breast cancer.


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This source basically explains what breast cancer is. It tells about the disease and what it does. I used this source to explain to people exactly what breast cancer is. Some people may be unsure about what it is. So I used this resource because WebMD is one of the most credible online medical journals. So I can be almost one hundred percent sure that the information on here is non bias and correct.

2. "What Is Breast Cancer?" Www.nationalbreastcancer.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2014.

This is the website for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I used this website as a source for breast examinations. One of the main ways to see if you have breast cancer is to have an examination done. It could be done at home or at a doctors office. This website explains each step and what to do when it comes to checking to see if you have breast cancer.

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This website gives 50 ways on how to fundraise. For my project I will need to raise money in order to make my team for the walk. Having money is something I will need in order to make my team. But since I am not rich I must receive donations  and get money my own way while trying to put my team together. So this website has given me some new ideas on how to raise that money.

4. "The Big Pink Footprint:." Susan G Komen Philadelphia. 27 Jan. 2014


This is the website for the Susan G Komen Philadelphia Chapter. This is probably my most important source. It tells me what to do when it comes to making my own team. As well as giving me resources to people that will help me. When I do the walk I will need to be registered with them and they will tell me exactly what to do. So this is my most important website for doing my whole project.

5. "What are the key statistics about breast cancer?" What are the key statistics about breast cancer? 26 Jan. 2014 <http://www.cancer.org/cancer/breastcancer/detailedguide/breast-cancer-key-statistics>.

This websites gives the most recent statistics when it comes to breast cancer. I used this because I will need to tell people just how serious of a problem this disease is. That somebody they know has breast cancer or will develop it statistically speaking. So doing this walk.run is something that is needed to help support research for this disease.

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This source gives various ways to network. It includes whether it be on social media, or by people that I know. It gives key details and tips on how to make my circle bigger. Networking is something that I will need to do for this Capstone. The more participants I get, the more sponsors, and the more money that can be raised for my Capstone.

7.  Kelly. "Welcome." Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor Stories | Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. 27 Jan. 2014 <http://makingstrides.acsevents.org/site/PageServer?pagename=MSABC_FY13_StoriesOfHope>.

This is a story about a woman named Kelly. She talked about how breast cancer ran in her family and that she always did early screening and got regular mammograms. But that she still unexpectedly developed an aggressive breast cancer. But through different foundations and walks that the money raised helped her get the treatments to get rid of it. This can be used to show why my Capstone is important. That most families will be affected by this cancer and it is important to keep making teams who do walks and races to raise money to help people.

8.  "Financial Information." Susan G. Komen®. 25 Jan. 2014


This source is very important for this project.  A big part of my Capstone is the fundraising. That in order to make my team and do the walk/run on Mother's Day we have to raise the money. But I do not want to raise the money and then not see where the money is going. Or have other people committed to my team and not know exactly where their finances are going. So this source shows the Susan G Komen's finances for all of the past years. And it also explains how the finances are distributed back to breast cancer research and treatment.

9. "Corporate Partners and Sponsors." Susan G. Komen®. 27 Jan. 2014 <http://ww5.komen.org/allCorporatePartners.aspx>.

This is a source that tells just how big the Susan G Komen foundation is. There are a lot of breast cancer foundations. I wanted to make sure that for my Capstone I picked one that was renowned and very well known. So this is just a list of so many other famous companies that sponsor the Komen Foundation and are their partners. This just reassures my team and I that we are actually working with the biggest breast cancer foundation, and it will do the maximum amount of help.

10. "Careers / Internships / Volunteering." Susan G. Komen®. 27 Jan. 2014


This is a source telling how else to get involved. I do not want my Capstone to be the only time that people are involved with this important topic. During and after my Capstone I still want people to care about Breast Cancer Awareness; including myself. So if people want to find out how they can still volunteer this is the source for it. Or even if somebody wants to continue this same Capstone idea by having a team for next year's walk then this is the source for them.