Tech (me) project

Tech Slide Briannie Matos

I used glance media as you can see because when you look at this slide, right away you can see what it is about. I used pink and black because those 2 colors contrast with each other. Within the pictures I tried to make sure I stuck with my color palette. I wanted to keep it modern because I not a fan of really bright colors. The white around my picture kind of threw it off. My picture is mostly the only thing that isn't the color palette but it is some what similar. The camera adds design because for me the thing that stands out for me is the camera because it is in the center of the slide. I tried to make sure I didn't have a lot of empty space because it wouldn't look right. Something else noticeable on the slide is the sneakers. That was on purpose because I love sneakers! The volleyball basically sets the whole slide because it is very bright in the upper corner.