Tech Media Fluency - Gerber

For my slide, I wanted to focus on photography. It's a passion of mine, and I wanted the slide to reflect that. I tried to find a picture of a camera that I liked, but this proved to be very difficult. The creative commons pictures of cameras aren't what I was looking for. Eventually, I found this one, and I added it to my slide. I chose this picture not only because I liked it, but because it followed the rule of three. It had the largest point in the right third of the slide, and this was something that the websites told us to do. I wanted the image to be what you saw first, and I tried to make my words fit in a way that made that happen. The rule of thirds makes the image pop, but the words have an impact on it to. I didn't want to over power it too much, but I tried to balance the photo out as best as I could. I didn't have to use kerning in my slide. I thought that I might, but I didn't end up needing it. I also didn't have to bleed, which really surprised me. My plan all along had involved bleeding a photo of a camera, but I never found the right photo. I'm happy with the one I have, though, so it's alright. Overall, I tried to use what we had learned on the websites to make a slide that was easy to view, but still showed my passion. 
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