Tech Presentation-One Slide

I learned that I could do more research about the design about my slide. I could mess around with the theme and colors for my text. They also asked why I chose my font. I chose my font because most lawyers use Times New Roman and I want to be a lawyer.

The changes I made was changing the theme and color. I made the theme a basic black background as to not distract anything from the text. I also made the text red instead of orange since it is my favorite color combination and it contrasts well with the black background. Lastly I centered the words instead of having it off to the left. 

My research told me that using few words in a slide is valuable, but I feel as though for a slide about me I can not be described in few words. I decided to have my name as the center piece since the eyes will go to my name first and then move around to the rest of my slide. 

I used sources such as and to help me understand how to make colors pop and what colors to use.

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