Tech Project

In this slide I have used all of the methods from Presentation Zen and the slide design website. One of the things that I have learned was that slides have not only text but pictures to support what your slide is showing about your presentation. This method is called Visual Aid. It makes the crowd's attention focus on you and your slide. On Presentation Zen it said here that human's used their sense of looking than any other sense. So you have to add a picture to make that sense even stronger.

I also use the method of using big fonts to make your crowd read less but to think more of how your presentation is like and think of what your presentation represent. In the article about slide design for developers it stated that "letters can be part of an actual presentation". Just like how pictures support the wording on your slide. Words on your slide can also support your visual aid.Also making words bigger in your slide stands out and brings the meaning of your slide out even more.I also leave out lots of space because if you add more and more to your slide. It will cause confusion to your audience.
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