Tech Slide

Tech slide

 My slides theme was anime. Anime is something I feel very deeply about and I love!

At one point in my life I had a hard time being happy because a lot of  things were going on in my life  and a friend recommend for me to watch anime because it could be a way to make me happy. For this slide I wanted to give it a clean look. So to achieve this  I went with the empty space type of look. I wanted the corners diagonally across  from each other to be empty. Then to keep the style consistent I put text in the corners that were diagonally across from each other too. I then took a picture of me and my favorite anime character (Obito Uchiha) and erased the background so it could blend in with the background and look clean. Lastly, I made the background white because it brought everything together and gave it a clean finish. I knew  that  color was important to bringing everything together and giving it a clean look so  I choose black for the text and white for the background since my pictures were somewhat colorful.