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I've learned many new things during this assignment for example there is something called glance media which is when as soon as you see something, you know what it is right away. Also there is typography and serif. Typography is text on a paper or screen and serif are little extra strokes at the end of a letter. Rule of thirds is when you can split the slide into 3x3 and no empty space will appear. White space is when there is a negative space or dead space where there is really nothing and it is just boring. I decided to change my slide to the way it was because my slide had pictures bleeding off the corners, my color palette I felt wasn,t just there, and I felt like there was two much going on. So I decided to go with one big image and typography to add with it. I chose to do a big image of SLA volleyball team so as soon as you seen it, you would know what it is about which is called glance media. No one would probably know that this is the SLA team but th y would know it is volleyball. My wording on the slide is serif because there are extra strokes at the end of my letters. Also the rule of thirds is in here because in you put this in a 3x3 grid, there wouldn't be any empty space. It is important to do research because when you are presenting you want to know what you are talking about right away and have a flow with everything you are saying.

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Asnain Khan (Student 2020)
Asnain Khan

This slide works well because the colors contrast with the background and your point gets across really fast. Great job on the improvement. You deserve a 95.

Mayah Gold (Student 2020)
Mayah Gold

I think the changes you made to your slide work well Because your first slide was really crowded and his has more focus. I think that the words don't take away from the picture, and that the picture doesn't take away from the words. Honestly, I cannot think of anything wrong or displeasing about your slide. You deserve a 95.

Donald Moses (Student 2020)
Donald Moses

The slide works well with contrasts of the text to the background but something you didn't notice is that your missing an e in the sentence "No one would probably know that this is the SLA team but th y would know it is volleyball."