Tech slide remix

Tech slide (2)
The constructive criticism helped me make a better slide because people would tell me things I could improve on my slide.I changed my font to make it more appealing to the eyes.I also change my background picture because I found a better picture of the windmill with better lighting.I decided to remove my name from the Google slide because I felt it was not important to have my name on the slide.Another reason I removed my name from the slide was that it drew too much attention from my quote.

The From the presentation zen I learned a lot about making good slides.From the research that I did, I learned that having big text would help the text stand out so I decided to make the font bigger.I also learned that bolding the text makes it easier for the audience to see.I colored my text black because I wanted my text to contrast from the background.Presentation zen showed me a lot of ways to make a good slide.

In conclusion, I learned a lot about what makes a slide good. Using all of the sources I was able to create a good slide.I also found ways to improve on my old slide and make it better. I believe made a good slide but, I still could learn more things to improve my slide.