teen suicide

    Almost a million people in the world commit suicide each year; many of these people are teens. Suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst 10 to 24 year olds today; in fact in the U.S alone 10.9 teens commit suicide every day.  Sadly the actual number of suicides is actually two to times higher. But these numbers are not the only things we have to face because for every suicide there are 50 to 100 attempts. Isn’t it time to put a end to this.
            But why is this happening, as I began to learn this information I found myself asking questions. Why is the number of suicides rising in today’s young people? And an even more important question is, are my friends and I at risk?

            I think it is important to look into what influences suicides in today youth. I feel once we reach a certain age the entire world’s issues are pushed upon us and we are forced to see all the worlds’ issues and are not given the tools to deal with them. Since 2005 the rate of youth suicides has been rising this must have something to do with the worlds economic depression. Children are now being told that they have no choice but to do well and achieve in their educations because even that may not be enough to get them the jobs they want.

            So many teens in America are diagnosed with serious mental conditions every year, it is these children that are most at risk. The problem is that many are not diagnosed with these conditions and are deeply trapped in their holds. So many teens want so badly for life to end so they attempt suicide, the truth is that many is 3 times the number of girls attempt to commit suicide then boys. But still sadly more boys die then girls. This is because when girls attempt suicide they use methods like cutting and starving. Boys however go for much more radical methods like guns, jumping, or strangulation.

            Last year there were was a large rise in children committing suicide by train jumping. This I believe is due to the amount of media coverage on the suicides of two pa girls. They were two seemly normal happy teens when truly they were coping with extreme stress, anger and grief. The day that these two girls took their lives their fellow classmates were in shock. “Media reports that romanticize or sensationalize suicide can encourage copycats”, said Dr. Paula Clayton. In most teen suicides are committed in clusters. These are not pacts but many suicides that happen within weeks of each other.

            The stresses of schooling are to much for many teens and young adults today. It should be the jobs of educators and schools to reach out to those who seem to be struggling. The golden gate bridge is the end of many lives in America; it has had an average of one suicide a every 3 weeks for the past 5 years alone. Many of these are students who have felt the stress has become too much.

            I think that media should cover less of the violence and anger of teen and instead reach out to them and offer healthier options. I believe that adults should watch out more for the young and make sure they are okay. If you care for the future of are world stand up and fight for our youth.