Teen Suicide Numbers can be Shocking

In my resent research I have found some interesting facts. These facts really made me think. I had a few things on my mind while I was looking at this data. The entire time I was thinking to myself  “These adolescent teens are killing themselves while they are still young what would make them want to do that. They think that there is no way out of their horrible lives, instead of getting help the go ahead and end the lives they have not yet lived.

            If you read my last blog you would know that I was talking about what causes a child or teen to kill them selves. A question asked last time was “ What would make a person old or young want to end their lives when they still have more of life to live.” If you haven’t read my last blog please refer back to it if you want to know more or are interested in finding out why teens and people do this to themselves,

In this blog I will be talking about the math of this matter. Yes the statistics of teen suicide. This information is both very socking but absolutely true. These statistics are from 2001, if you think that these numbers are high think of how they changed over 10 years. 400,000 people that year went to the emergency room for hurting themselves. 30,622 deaths occurred that year for teen suicide. Deaths per 100,00 population is 10.8, this means that almost 11 of 100,000 people die for every 100,000 people in a population. Deaths due to firearm are 5.9 people and 6,869 people. Suffocation suicides are 2.2 people and 6,198 deaths. Poisoning are 1.8 people and 5,191 deaths. Although these numbers are not as high as expected this data is from 2001 and the number have and still are going up.

Next time I will be talking about the signs of teen suicide and how to prevent it, until next time readers. If you want to see more graphs go to this link below.