Tennessee Coal Ash Spill

a. What went well?
-What went well was the amount and quality of the research we discovered.  Each of us was given a certain part of the project to research and each of us found high quality reliable resources.

b. What did not?
-Because most of us were doing individual research and it was all put together by one person, while presenting we were a little unorganized.  However by the second time we had everything together and could tell our story. 

c. What would you do differently next time?
Maybe during the making of the infograph everyone would be a little more part of the creation process. 

d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -
Be Concise
Be Visual
Be Smarter
Be Transparent
Be Different
Be Accurate
Be Attractive
Be Varied
Be Gracious
Be Creative
Which of these areas did you excel in? Which were not so well represented? Why do you think some elements of design were easier or harder to include in the end product?

I believe we excelled in being concise, visual, smarter, different, accurate, attractive, varied, and creative.  Maybe not so much in the transparent and gracious.  Mostly because I am not sure how to be gracious in an infographic.

By Marina Stuart
Group Mates: Elona M, Shi F, and Mustapha I.