Tenzin Chemi Tibet Capstone

Having been in America for over nine years now, I have always loved the diversity of culture and race within my surroundings. It’s fascinating hearing and seeing the colorful facet of varying cultures. However, it’s distressing when I tell people about my culture and where I’m from because they’re so unaware of it. A culture so rich and beautiful, yet so invisible to people. Also, to be frank, I did not know much about my culture and my country, Tibet, as well as I should have. Through this year long project, I wanted to reach out to people through digital media, an ubiquitous tool around the world, to teach about Tibet and to teach myself about its history.

I wanted to teach people about Tibet in a compelling method. I wanted to create something that people could easily access and understand. I aimed to produce work that was content rich and concise. So in order to meet all my requirements, I settled on publishing a website where I could aesthetically present the different components to my work. I’ve created three parts to my work and I have four pages on my website. My home page gives a brief background on Tibet and the project. The Identity page is where I’ve collected quotes from young Tibetans about what their definition of being Tibetan is. The History & Today page presents a two and half minutes long video I’ve put together from a Tibetan National Uprising Day protest in New York City and a slide show of powerful images taken during the protest. My final page, Cultural Preservation, presents a six minute video I’ve diligently worked to complete showing Tibet’s culture and the ways in which Tibetans preserve it today.