Teyonna Little

While adding pictures, I focused on one of the essential questions that the 9th grade reflection states. That question was, “who am I”. Who am I?  I added and added pictures and memories of my younger self. The tips I read from the sources,encouraged me to make the slide the way I did. The thing that influenced my decision making was the tips and advice given by the writers and authors. A picture is worth a thousand words. Encouragement and confidence is what also helped me to do make the slide the way I did. With those things, I knew that there was more that had to be expressed. The saying of one image, but the expression, memory, and feeling of multiple images is what needed to be seen. You look back and see what you once were, and you look at yourself now and you see all of the improvement and success that has come upon you. And you are proud, I am proud. That is what spoke to me and gave me the confidence and the boldness needed to make this slide.
Teyonna (1)