Teyonna Little's and Oszain Bangura's Capstone

The Self-Confidence Project is a research project orchestrated by myself and Oszain Bangura. Together, Oszain and I conducted a thorough study and completed extensive research on self-confidence within the minority adolescent communities. We took this information and formed our website as an accessible way for young women to engage, learn, and build their self-esteem by sharing experiences with others like them. In addition to this, our project included 6 digital interviews with people from different communities, different backgrounds, and different ethnicities. It is extremely crucial to us that the people we asked questions were always comfortable sharing their personal experiences. Consequently, the interviews were made anonymous with a choice of being identified if they wanted. With that being said, our main goal was to capture and accentuate the powerful and esteemed experiences of these young women who reflected on their journey of self-confidence.

The Self-Confidence Project Official Website Link: