The "Town Devil"

This is the philosophy of the Town Devil. The Town Devil was an idea introduced by an anonymous teenage designer. He introduced a line called Town Devil and no one knew what he meant by Town Devil and so this essay is the explanation for Town Devil. Through this, I am explaining what the world failed to see and even what the designer himslef failed to see which is the deeper meanings of this "Town Devil". Although it is something that is not easy to comprehend, it is easy to connect it to many other things in society once you have it down. One example is social rules which is also a big topic in this essay. I hope you enjoy. 

TD Philosophy

We all know how I was treated for being a fan of fashion and the industry. Ridiculed and questioned about my sexuality. This happened because of the place where I lived and the knowledge that people gain while growing up in that area. Baggy/sagging jeans, polo rugbies, thug life, get girls, disrespecting your elders. All the more sophisticated kids growing up around this area would be completely different…outside of the box, outside the lines, away from the masses, doing something with life. Yet the people around us kept judging, breaking us down and I looked around to see the others disappearing from the world of “differentness” slowly. One by one they all faded away and if I pass by the hood today you’ll see the meant to be millennials with baggy/sagging jeans, polo rugbies, thug life tatted on their arms or chest, surrounded by the promiscuous and immoral ladies who have been passed around by the entire “crew”. They think this is right but then again who am I to judge others, the rules are very important to everyone no matter how you feel about them.

Many people never really know what is going on around them at all times. But then again, what is going on at all times around us is actually invisible, we cannot see it unless we are some type of enlightened philosopher. This problem is a psychological issue. Everyone, according to the anonymous teenage designer, is a Town Devil. People constantly push each other away and separate themselves because of the tons and tons of rules that certain “public figures” establish. “You are gay if you wear skinny jeans”, “I like my women this and that way.” Because of these things that these figures say, people begin to make these things a priority therefore making them unofficial rules.

The teenage genius put “Town Devil” on his shirt and I wondered what it meant. He is a wealthy New York cat. A teenaager who just wants to do what he loves most. He told us about the “Town Devil” in the craziest way. The genius sent sends an extremely long iMessage. It connected to society and the way we are all disconnected from each other. “Town devil,” he said. Yes Town Devil… and I knew exactly what he meant before everyone began asking questions on what he meant by, “Town Devil”. Town Devil is the person you hate most. Society forces people to make decisions on acting harsh towards other people for your own safety. What you did not know is that everyone is the Town Devil. Everyone. I say this because there is always a time when people feel like they have to be alone. Cut from society like a piece of unnecessary fabric. You act harsh towards others because you feel like they are the ones hurting you or they will eventually. That is when you become the Town Devil. The person you hate the most. You become jaded… living life in caution just trying to protect yourself from everyone else. With that being the reality, as stated before you just became the person who you are trying to protect yourself from. You act in ways that you know are wrong but no one is mad at you because they know deep down inside that you HAVE to. The saddest part of all of this is that everyone honestly just craves true and pure connection but they destroy that themselves in the act of trying to protect themselves. It is a cycle of endless sadness. Only when you become the Town Devil and become enlightened on the subject, you will understand the true meaning of connection. Women criticize men because men want a connection but it does not happen because they automatically go into their Town Devil state. This happens to men as well. Everyone is a Town Devil. But the true sadness comes upon those who are enlightened. Those who sit back and wonder just how long the world will live in disconnection.

If you connect the Town Devil philosophy to the theorem of social rules, then you will have very extraordinary realizations. If you realize, social rules are different for different groups of people. People push each other away, or disconnect from each other because they are different from one another. This forms the different types of groups that you see in school, in the street, in movies, in cartoons, etc. The topic is so broad that it can be made into a worldwide investigation for philosophers. The Town Devil, something out of one of those really good mystery movies that gets so much hype for being great, or something that comes out of those types of dreams that you just have to go and tell your friends. The Town Devil philosophy is really something to behold.