The 2014 National Day of Writing

What should people know about my community, well that’s a very good question, what is their to know? Philadelphia is not known today for doing very much, it is the very definition of  a has-been town. Much like a war veteran who was cast back into society after the war all we have is old stories of our glory days! For example, we were the capital of America for a time and we were the place where the mail system was invented, but now we are nothing special. It is sad when the best part of a current city is just a food they produce, I mean Cheese steaks are ok, but really what else is there to be proud about? What has Philadelphia produced that makes it so much more extravagant than anywhere else? All this would not really bug me if not for the huge amount of praise residents give this city, if you can not name any current historic events or people making a change today then how can you say Philadelphia Still is a great place? Perhaps I am being too hard on Philly, to be fair we have gotten achievements it is just not that important compared to our past. As Philadelphians we have a legacy to follow and I just feel we have not gone out of our way to do something important in a long while, perhaps our golden age is behind us.