The 2014 National Day on Writing

My community is very diverse and has a wide range of cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Living in Philadelphia I take all of the Historical Monuments and figures for granted. I live in walking distance to everything. Live in Southwest Center city, some people like to refer to to where I live as Center city. My neighborhood is so white. All I see parked outside my door are “Priuses” and “Subarus”. I can’t the closes Poppy store is 4 blocks away.  In the hood there is one within every 3 feet. I love the fact that I live near  near everything, but the only people that live in my neighborhood are middle aged white people . I can walk to the center city in like 10 minutes. I live 10 to 15 minutes away University City.

You always hear about the cliches of living in Philly like, going to the Liberty Bell or eating cheesesteak. To be honest a cheesesteak is not that important to us, its just a thing we eat. I mean I know they taste great, but, who cares.   I never thought about how historic this city was, until I got my 8th grade Final project.  In order to graduate from middle school we were required to visit 12 out of the 15 historical cities or Landmarks in Philadelphia or the Greater Philadelphia area. While taking the tour for that project I learned so much about our city, that I know I would never take the time to learn if it was not a requirement.