The Act

People say that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional.  But who is to say that with out the Patriot Act there would even be a constitution at all.  Who's to say that with out this act more attacks like 9/11 wouldn't happen.  WIth this act it is all most certien that something like 9/11 won't happen again.  There have been a little over 30 terriost attacks stopped before they could be put into place because of this act. And if people don't attack and do shady stuff then they shouldn't have to wary about there privacy being messed with. IF you are a regular american who lives there life regular there is no reason to warry. Its the ones that are up to something that have to wary and we should want it like that.  But the ones who stay out of trouble won't have to worry about trouble finding them if they do what they are supposed to