(Serves 8-10 guests)

4 ripe avocados

1 jalapeno pepper

½ red onion

½ lime

¼  teaspoon sea salt  

(how ever much, I personally like a lot) cilantro


  1. Chop jalapenos, red onions and cilantro into small pieces (finely chop)

  2. Seed avocados and place avocados in a mixing bowl.

  3. Start to smash avocados to your preference consistency. (I like mine chunky where there there are still chunks of avocados)

  4. Juice/ squeeze lime

  5. Mix altogether

  6. Done! You can serve it as a dip, with lime chips or plain tortilla chips. My preference would be the Tostitos lime chips or for a healthier right of way, get tortilla chips and squirt some lime on top and a dash of sea salt and mix together.


  My family has had this recipe for the longest, before chipotle was even chipotle! Shockingly enough, this is how chipotle’s guacamole tastes but so much better. This is such a healthy snack and you can literally eat it with anything. My family often gets our groceries from Italian Market and I must say, it has a huge difference in taste compared to supermarkets. All the ingredients above can be found at a produce stand and/or whole foods therefore, I would say that this is 100% whole foods.

Some ingredients such as lime and salt can be tricky. Some may buy lime juice that has already been squeezed and packaged (they are sometimes near the fresh limes and lemons in supermarkets that are in a plastic bottle shaped as a lime/lemon), which is not really fresh if you were to get a whole lime and squeeze it yourself. It definitely does ruin the fresh taste of the guac, therefore I suggest buying a whole lime and putting in work to get that fresh juice. Also, salt. Notice I said sea-salt instead of regular salt. According to mayoclinic, table salt contains added iodine which helps maintains a healthy thyroid (not bad) and sea salt also has that same nutritional value, but sea salt is a better and healthier choice because of the amount of sodium in them. It is also best to not use much salt because if you were to eat it with tortilla chips, there is salt already added in. Speaking of tortilla chips, if you were to buy tostitos lime chips, that would be considered processed food. Looking at the amount of calories it contains (150 calories per serving and a serving is 1oz. which is about 7 chips), it can be unhealthy. It is best to not eat this everyday, also being that avocados does contain natural fat. But it is a better choice rather than those processed salsa in the supermarkets.

These ingredients can come from anywhere. My guacamole usually comes from costa rica (just so happens that when I would peal off the sticker, it would say costa rica). I don’t really pay attention to where the other ingredients come from, but I should really start to pay attention. With that being said,  I highly recommend those who love avocados try this out. It will change your life.