The Betrayed Hybrid


(Wakes up sitting down placing a hand on the front right of his head groaning)

Where… (Pauses) Who am I? I am Silver. Yes that’s my name (Looks around to notice he’s in a cave) but how did I get in this cave? What was I doing? I was driving home in my car after going to a restaurant. What happened after that?

(Hears a noise) Is someone there? What? Wolves? (Rub both eyes) This can’t be real I was in a city in Florida. What they speak english? No I have to be dreaming this can’t be real. Okay. Okay. I´ve got to respond, I guess.

So, Why am I here?

(pause) My car crashed and I was kidnapped to a laboratory? If I was kidnapped then who kidnapped me? What did they do to me? No thank you, I don’t need anything to eat. (Another wolf speaks)

My friends? No, I know my friends and they would of came looking for me. Ben, Cheatly, Sam, Joey, Hailey, and Sierra wouldn’t of forgotten me.

What are you talking about of course they are.

(pause) They… They kidnapped me? But why? What reason would they want to kidnap and experiment on me? What did they do to me?

No, I have no family. After my parents died my friends were my family, but now after what they did I have no family. Only thing I want to know is what did they do. (Wolves disappear in the blink of an eye) Wait what? Where did they go?

(Hears a voice) Who's there? Is there a storm coming? What are you!? What do you mean you’re me!? My old friends? What did they do? What do you mean we were separate? I walk through that portal and I’ll see the truth? Why don’t you just kill me and go on your way!? You need me alive? Ok fine I’ll go through the portal. (angry hmm) What is that strange light? That’s you? But why though? Why did they do this? So it was just plain greed of power and they just saw me as a guinea pig. But why can’t you just kill me? So I’m just a host for your power so if I die you die to. So I’m guessing you took over my body to escape and that’s why I turned into you? Yea thats what I thought. But what were those wolves earlier? My own disbelief created them? That sort of made sense about how they talked and wanted to treat me as apart of their pack. So we both share a consciousness of mind but only one can control the body? Give me control, I got some “people” willing to let me hide with them for the time being. Tell me, you think we can go through a city in as a armoured wolf and not get called and chased by the governments of the world? (Sudden bright light) Will I always get a headache from doing that? Ok thats good to know it will just never appear one day when we switch bodies. Any Idea how far they took me from the crash? Whelp guess we just got to walk until we find a city. Uh no we better not stay here if they’re looking for us. Time to book it, We’ll have our revenge, you just need to wait for the perfect moment when you have your cards in order.

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William Flenner (Student 2020)
William Flenner

I learned that the character-Silver-was in a car crash, he was made into a wolf-human, and that someone else is using his body as a power source. I think that this was a very interesting and engaging monologue. Don't stop the creativity.