The Big change

The Big Change


For the past month, I have been doing research on problematic family homes and as people say you learn more and more each day. In my first blog post, I talked about this problem and how much it meant to me and coming closer to how I can make a change about what’s going on. In my second blog post, I interviewed a friend of mine who goes to my school who had gone through a struggled group home.Knowing that people doesn’t know his background story it’s hard to tell people that this kind of stuff goes on, but I am proud of him for sharing his story with me and getting hard things off his shoulders. This topic has really been important to me because if I was in this position, I wouldn’t know what to do and seeing that children in these homes are sometimes scared and they don’t tell anyone what goes on. So this is where my agent of change come in. To see all my sources you can look at my annotated biography.

For my agent of change, I choose to raise and donate money to a local organization called “Turning Points for Children.”  I choose this organization because it connects to my topic of this project so well and I was very excited to see they had a donation option. Right away when I looked into the website, I immediately knew that I wanted to raise money for these children. Me personally I love children and seeing all types of children like those  in foster homes, makes me up set due to the fact that some of these children are really young and to see how  they don’t have what I had as a child.

On Thursday June 8, 2017, I sold water ice to students at my school for $1 to raise money to donate to the organization. I had a goal to make $100. I came out a little short but I was still excited to see how many people came out to but the water ice and for me to explain the cost of doing it. As I go home ready to make the donation it makes me so happy to do this. I would probably be shy to do it face to face but i would love to share how much I care about the children in foster homes to see what I don’t have. This wasn’t a big change but it’s a big and great start to it.

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