The Change

​Hey everyone!
For a while I've been putting up information about bullying. If you didn't get to read the click here for Blog1 and click here for Blog 2.

  Here is my bullying video hope you like it. :)
Also if you want to know where i got my information for here is my bibliography.

My change is to let people know about what they are doing to people. I believe that I will let people know by going to some classes in SLA like Mrs. Dunn Class and telling people about bullying. I think a lot of people don’t think about what they are saying to people. Maybe if I tell them to think about what they say, then they might stop bullying people so much. That how I will make a change.

I found out a lot about bullying by doing this project. I found out that a lot of people that had been bullied or seen people get bullied start to bully other people. This help me understand why bullying was a big and everyone needed to know about this. That’s why I made a video about bullying. I only thing I ask is to please stop and think about what you are saying to people and doing to people. 

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Sadie Sprague-Lott (Student 2015)
Sadie Sprague-Lott

Lala, I think what you're doing is amazing I love how you made your own video and incorporated so many different types of people. You had links to blog post one and two which was a good idea so that people could see that. I'm excited the places that you will take this!