The Color Blue Ep. #2

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Jannah Groomes (Student 2022)
Jannah Groomes

good introduction! had questions prepared for your theme: the Feminist lens. I like how yall kept in mind that there were different views back then and compared it to now. 

Cameron Booker (Student 2022)
Cameron Booker

I enjoyed your podcast i think that you guys did a great job closing out the last podcast with a bang explaining the best parts of the book and keeping it real with your listeners

Sarah Narvaez (Student 2022)
Sarah Narvaez

I really enjoyed listening to all of you guys give your input on the book. You guys are very intentional with everything you talked about. It was clear you did a lot of preparation. Everyone had a say and brought up good questions and actually had a conversation with each other. Your podcast has the ability where I could just see you actually having the conversation naturally. Nothing really seemed forced and that really helped with the engagement in my opinion. Keep up the great work guys!