The Corruption of Macbeth

For my creative portion of my project, I chose 3 quotes from my thesis, and brought them to life in fashion sketches. Each color, and garment, represents an adjective that I feel Macbeth or Lady Macbeth exhibited at that specific point in time. 

I have a weird creative process when sketching fashion designs, I go outside and look for inspiration, I try to close my eyes as least as possible because anything you see can inspire you. When I found inspiration, I then went straight to my pencil, markers, rulers, and, paper, and got right to sketching. I spent 1 day for each sketch because I wrote a a brief dialogue discussing why I chose the colors, and garment options for each quote. 

I encountered various difficulties throughout my creative process, I did not have enough time to put forth the quality that I wanted. I wish I could go back and give myself more time and manage the time that I had much more wisely. 

I learned from the feedback of my peers, that my sketches could have been better, but my reasoning behind them was phenomenal. 

I learned that I can put forth much more effort. If I set intermediate deadlines for myself, I would have been able to bring much more to the table for this creative piece.