The Days Of The Week In Espaol

Say if you did not hear the loud speaker announcement that said what day there would be no school, and everyone already left the classroom except for an Español student. You would need to know how to ask "what day is no school?" Below is how you would say the days of the week and how to ask what day it is.

lunes- Monday
martes- Tuesday
miércoles- Wednesday
jueves- Thursday
viernes- Friday
sábodo- Saturday
domingo- Sunday

                                                            Asking About The Day
¿Qué día es hoy?/ Qué día es hoy no la escuela?
What’s the day?/ What day is there no school?
Hoy es  (lunes, martes, miércoles…)
Today is ________________________
Mañana es  (lunes, martes, miércoles…)_

In the Link below, it will teach you how to how to ask, "What's the day?" in Español.