Advanced Essay #1: The Fall of a Giant

  My goals for this paper are that people read this and go, "wow that taught me something interesting." I want the reader to feel as if they learned something from reading this essay. I feel as if the parts that I think will achieve this, and the parts that I am proud of are the description part. The description part and the story part compliment each other part. However, regarding the reflection part of this essay, I don't feel like I did too well on. This is because I always had the thought that the reflection was up to the reader to interpret, and I think that made me less interested in writing that part.

Falling down from what seemed like an immeasurable height. It seemed like the end for me. This would ruin my whole day. Gravity was David and I was Goliath. So you’re probably wondering how I got into this situation. Well it all started in the autumn of ‘17.

“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” said my alarm clock. This morning was as ordinary as every other morning this week. The early morning sunlight creeped through the windows in my room enveloped by darkness. It was nearing my favorite time of year. Winter. It was still autumn however, meaning it got dark early and late in the day, but it was also hot and when it rained, it was humid. Disgusting. I hated that feeling when it rained and it was hot. That’s why I’m more of an inside person. Inside, you didn’t have to worry about dying because there are less things that could kill you. You didn’t have to worry about weather because you were constantly incubated inside of an air conditioned or heated house.

The contents of my room rarely changed. A mahogany wardrobe that held almost all my clothes. A bookshelf with 5 shelves full of books, all of which I’ve read. A wooden desk which I’m pretty sure was made of fake wood, and on top of that, a computer. Oh, and of course my bed which I was sleeping on. I had a very comfortable bed, to say the least. My bed sheets were made of a material which I did not know about, so I cannot brag about how good it is. It was very soft however. This made it difficult to get up out of bed, and often times I would stay in bed for an extra 10-15 minutes. To combat this, instead of waking up at 6 in the morning, I woke up at around 5:45. The top most bedsheet was just a blanket, with a giant bear on it. Sort of like a portrait of a bear, but it looked directly at you. I called it the bear blanket. The bear blanket was a gift, and a curse.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” exclaimed my alarm clock, yet again. At this point in time, I had decided that I would wake up and stop being a lazy bag of meat. I went through my usual morning ritual of taking a shower, brushing my teeth, making my bed, and of course, wearing clothes. As I recheck everything I need for school for that day, I start to zip up my plain white book bag. I go downstairs and start my trek through the front door. One foot steps forward. Another follows in it’s wake. My calculations were wrong. My footing was off, and one of my feet slipped forward in front of me.

“Oh golly, oh my!” I thought to myself, in the short time I had. I was now falling. I tried grabbing for anything around me to stop me from falling, but the snowy white railing was not doing it’s job. Or at least I didn’t grip it hard enough. Falling down from what seemed like an immeasurable height. It seemed like the end for me. This would ruin my whole day. Gravity was David and I was Goliath. Goodbye cruel world. I fell about 2 steps and cried for the rest of the way on the trolley to school. That day I failed my math test.

The importance of what happens to you during the day is honestly one of the most significant things that can influence your decisions during the day. In this current story, the main character goes throughout his day and one fatal event affects his day. The main idea of this story is that whatever influences a person to make a certain decision can have many factors. Meaning there could be a lot of factors and you shouldn’t really jump to conclusions as to why they made a decision. The main character fell down the stairs and this influenced the main characters choices that they made on the math test. As a result, the main character failed his math test. This whole story could be perceived as an allegory representing how people assume other people’s intentions without taking into account other factors. Factors like their personal lives, struggles, and experiences. Those factors and more are what really influence a person’s decisions throughout the day and the choices that they make.